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Boofy's Red Pepper Jelly

Boofy's Red Pepper Jelly

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Pepper Jelly is a southern tradition that we rely on to start & end our day. It complements everything. Pepper jelly can be used as a topper or a glaze for apps, salads & main dishes. 

We like to start our day with it on scrambled eggs. You absolutely must try it to understand how it elevates eggs to something really special. It makes a perfect app for entertaining. Just use it to top of cream cheese & crackers, also great with goat cheese, brie or smoked cheddar. When dinner time rolls around, we love to use it as a glaze on fresh grilled fish. 

9 oz 

Ingredients: Sugar, red peppers, white distilled vinegar, crushed red pepper flakes, pectin, and citric acid.

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